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                Off-grid Solar System Configuration

                Sunshine Duration

                Average Sunshine  Hour(according to the local average sunshine time)


                Rated Power  W Load Working Time Continuous Rainy Day  Day Rainy Days Interval  Day


                Battery Voltage  V         Discharge Depth  %


                Conversion Rate  % Load Working Power (max)/Inverter Rated Power  %

                MPPT Controller

                Conversion Rate  % Solar Array Power /MPPT Controller Rated Power  %


                Load Required Power Generation(Per Day)  WH
                Solar Array Total Power  W
                Battery Nominal Voltage  V Capacity  AH Full Charge Time  Day Sustainable Working  Day
                Inverter DC Input Voltage  V Rated Power (Min)  W
                MPPT ControllerController Voltage  V Rated Current (Min)  A

                Solar Array Connection

                Solar Array

                Rated Power  W Expected Distri. Ratio     % Total Power  W

                Single Panel

                Rated Power  W Voc  V Vmpp  V

                Battery Pack

                Single Cell      V Series Number        PCS Battery Pack Volt  V

                MPPT Controller

                Max. Input Voc  V


                Number Of Solar Panels  PCS
                Solutions (Min Series): Min. Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
                Solution (Max Series):Max. Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
                Optimal Solutions:Optimal Series No.  PCS Parallel No.  PCS Solar Panels  PCS Actual Distri. Ratio  %
                1. Invalid solution, please input correct parameter again.
                2. Above data is for reference only.

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